Who gets Facebooks lawsuit money?


June 22, 2012 by 26awg

From Time.

If I stand up and sue Facebook I get nothing, the lawyers get a chunk and then <other people> get the rest.

I fully support money going to advocacy groups, just wish I was one of them. Hmm I should go check if there’s an application form to become one on Google Docs.

In this instance I wonder actually if you could have made more money from the advertising system than you got as a result of the lawsuit.

From Nick Bergus‘ blog

Of course Facebook is happily selling me out to advertisers. That’s its business. That’s what you sign up for when make an account.”

I’d totally disagree, you don’t sign up for that. Surely the lawsuit proves this, users do NOT sign up to sell adverts. Facebook has become so many things to so many people that it seems that it can almost be forgiven, like a naughty child, when it behaves badly. It’s not a naughty child, it’s an evil swiss army knife, one site offering a myriad of different services but all feeding back to the hungry information monster that wants nothing more than to take all your details, package them up and sell them on.


In response to Nicks reply to this, I’ve posted an update.


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3 thoughts on “Who gets Facebooks lawsuit money?

  1. […] people disagreed. Here’s one: I’d totally disagree, you don’t sign up for that. Surely the lawsuit proves this, users do NOT […]

  2. […] I disagreed with his statement that when you sign up for Facebook, you sign up to be sold out to advertisers. Clearly you do sign up and promptly get sold out to advertisers, can’t really argue with the facts, especially when I was commenting on them, in the case the class action lawsuit following the Sponsored Ads program. […]

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