Day 58

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October 25, 2012 by 26awg

Ended up too ill to play yesterday, watched Madagascar 3 – brilliant, Constantine – again, Arrow – hmm judgement reserved but fingers crossed for a series 2, Once Upon A Time – yay, and of course Mark Thomas who made me cry laughing and then I’d imagine reduced the whole audience to real tears in the second half of his show. Absoultely amazing, am humbled by the experience.

So this morning I’m still too ill for work, I ache all over so I’m going to see if I can see what the Halloween Event actually is in Lion’s Arch.

Ok so even mostly knowing what I should be doing, having seen all the questions asked in Lion’s Arch, repeatedly.. this was still a ballache. The one with the pressure points, the red rings of death, the fire breathing gargoyles and THEN the ghost hidden in a niche that you have to scan to even reveal.. that was just shit. Ok why it was shit : it’s a nice crypt if you just want to take out the champion spider as a group, that’s why you’d go in right? Well in this case it’s just either a bunch of halloweeners probably going in individually but at the same time as others so there is some protection right. Or it could just be you, on your own because until now you just walk in and talk to a ghost. Not this one.

As I said, it’s in a crypt with an existing event so you have to fight your way to the pressure points, each guarded by spiders and a veteran. Plus then you realise it’s a pressure point and hopefully remember seeing the boulder and figure it out. Twice. Ok this opens a hidden door. That you know nothing about. So where the hell is it? Well I found it but the boulders reset.. so back to the boulder, the spiders, the door.. and the Champion Spider. Yep the Halloween bit if behind the locked door that you unlock to get to the chest for killing the Champion Spider which you’d do as a group right..

So ok it’s fucking over complicated when all you want to do is talk to the last ghost. But why should it be easy? Ok so the group that was there did the spider, I’d figured out the pressure points and taken out all the spiders and made my way back to the now open door and there’s a mysterious stone. Probably spawns the ghost right? Nope.. it transports you out of the cave.. FFS..

So back in the cave, back to the pressure points, back to the open door, where the crap is the ghost? Well I saw someone else dissapear and followed them.. there it was. It’s HIDDEN AWAY. Ok so maybe I’d have found it. But.. sometimes it’s not there and you have to scan for it. How are you supposed to know where to scan for an invisible object? Messed the fuck up, seriously.

Oh wait.. did I skip over the red rings of doom? Oh yes. There’s fire breathing heads leading down to the first room. Easy enough to skip. Entrance to the first room has touching flashing red rings. You can easily enough avoid these almost nobody did however in the time I was there but.. you can run up to the right hand gargoyle and kinda just skip round them. Which would be too easy right? Right.. so there’s a few silver oozes to make it even less fun. And once you get past that, some more oozes and then the spiders. And you could, potentially, be the only person around and have no idea what you’re about to let yourself in for, make it all the way through and snag on the Champion Spider. Sucks totally. I like a challenge, I hate what I consider to be stupidity in design. I must have rezzed like ten people from my safe points before or just after the gargoyle.

I will give full props to dulfy’s guide for keeping me sane towards the end.

Anywho all done. Reward is a book with awful stats that replaces your back item. Weird. However there are more events to come, maybe each gives you a book and you hand all the books in.. no idea really but unless you were on a level 10, this would not be a good reward. Headed to Orr, matting and earning some cash.

Well with a certain inevitability I have made another gold from events, possibly a second gold sat on the AH but nothing really to write home about, no rares have dropped or anything else interesting. I have made another 42k karma however so I will go pick up more karma armour shortly.

Recoloured Armour

Gold and Autumn. Picked up the Melandru chestplate. Stun reduction sigil.. hmm may have to rethink the set. But wait you say, stun reduction sounds useful! Sure like just now when I ran past a group of Risen who aren’t usually there or clumped up like that. Hit both my Aegis powers (not at same time..) so I can keep running, it’s a timed expectation that I’ll make it past them and just hit the river running. Apparently not. Hit the river and get held. And again. And again. Not quite to death. But then pulled. And held. And held. At which point, not being quite underwater where I have powers or on the ground where I also have powers but pretty much just bounced around on the surface of the water unable to do anything. My stun reduction really helped there eh.. not.

Back to LA, Black Lion salvaged my old rare breastplate, got zip. Salvaged the rare spear I got, 3 ecto and 2 ori ore. Score. I did get a third rare trident but it’s my alt weapon for underwater, fancied keeping it more than salvaging it.

Scary Costume

Here is a random, scary costume I spotted today.

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